Arequipa and Lake Titicaca Guide

While the southern coast of Peru boasts all manner of intriguing cultural sites, the adjacent interior of the south is much better known for its extremely beautiful geographical features. The Andes take hold here, punctuated by spectacular lakes, towering volcanoes and deep, stark canyons – a landscape well suited to adventurous outdoor pursuits like trekking, […]


Top 10 Adventures in Peru

Peru may be known as a cradle of ancient civilizations, but its wild topography also makes it a wonderland of adventure. The icy mountain peaks of the Andes draw trekkers and climbers, the untamed desert coast is lapped by excellent waves for surfers, and for explorer types there’s the Amazon – a vast mass of […]


10 Best Places to Visit in Peru

Dubbed the “Land of the Incas” because it was once home to the expansive Inca Empire, Peru was conquered and colonized by Spain in the 16th century. As a result of its rich history, Peru today is packed with archaeological remains and colonial architecture. Add in the country’s spectacular natural beauty, and the product is […]

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